*Special* | N2 Extreme Gelato, Sydney |


|Date| o3.o8.2o14 ~ 14.o8.2o14 (approx. 2 weeks only)
|Time| 1.oo pm ~ 11.oo pm
|Location| N2 Extreme Gelato, Shop 43, 1 Dixon Street, Sydney
|Price| $10.oo per burger

To celebrate their second birthday, N2 Extreme Gelato (N2) are doing *melt-in-your-mouth* birthday burgers these two weeks ONLY!

Located conveniently in the heart of the city at Number 1 Dixon Shopping Centre, N2 is famous for their liquid nitrogen gelato. Priding themselves to serve gelato at -6’C and coming up with intriguing and lovable flavours, this time they have done it again !


Line | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We arrived at N2 and there was already a massive line of people waiting at 1pm ! On the menu board, there were 2 specials to choose from Nutellagasm and Birthday Burger.

Menu | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We ordered the Nutellagasm since we loveee chocolate and lurveeed nutella !! Although there was a 20 minute wait for the burgers to be prepared, we were super keen to see how they make their burgers !

N2 had all their procedures in place so that the staff were each responsible for their own particular area.

How Nutellagasm is born:

  1. Remove baked charcoal buns from the kitchen –> pass onto nutella man
  2. Nutella Man: Spread nutella on both top and bottom buns and carefully sprinkle hazelnuts on the bottom nutella bun –> pass onto gelato man

    Nutella Man | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  3. Gelato Man: Place whipped nutella gelato (with pretzels) on the bottom bun to ensure that each little bit of the nutella gelato is spread evenly –> pass onto cream lady

    Nutella Gelato Mixing in Progress | N2 Extreme Gelato

    Gelato Man

    Gelato Man wrestling with the blender | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  4. Cream Lady : Sprinkle shortbread on the top bun, delicately place 5 dallops of cream on top of the nutella gelato and pop the top charcoal bun back on !
    Cream Lady

    Cream Lady adding shortbread | N2 Extreme Gelato |

    Cream Lady | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  5. Put the chocolate ganache syringe in for an extra dose of sweetness and Voila! the Nutellagasm *nom nom*

Nutellagasm | $10.oo | N2 Extreme Gelato |

It was so pretty, you wouldn’t know where to begin to destroy it. We first bit into the burger and the first bite of the nutella gelato was so smooth, it melted straight into my heart! The charcoal burger was soft and did not have a burnt smell or taste, instead it acts as a cushion (perhaps for people with sensitive teeth).

Of course the hard thing is ONCE YOU START, you really CAN’T STOP!!! With the second bite, the cream just started oozing out at the corner of our lips … mmm… it was IR-RE-SIS-TI-BLEEEE !!! Not only was the Nutellagasm super smooth, but you can also hear the crunchiness of the pretzels / hazelnuts / shortbread in the Nutellagasm. This burger was really a match made in heaven for me ** ahhh **  and as the name suggest, it really WAS the NUTELLAGASM !! *super SUPER yum YUM * !!!

Nutellagasm | $10.oo | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We really can’t wait to try the “Nuts in Yo Banana” at N2 this week !!! and I reckon this will be just as good as the Nutellagasm !

Tip: Make sure you eat it quickly as it melts fast like all N2 Gelatos xDD

(+) Perfect Snack / Dessert, Good as a Pick-me-up, Tastes so good, dedicated and delicate staff in food preparation

(-) Limited time only – the burgers need to stay !!!



Drumroll………. Overall rating 9.5 / 10 🙂

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