*Special* | N2 Extreme Gelato, Sydney |


|Date| o3.o8.2o14 ~ 14.o8.2o14 (approx. 2 weeks only)
|Time| 1.oo pm ~ 11.oo pm
|Location| N2 Extreme Gelato, Shop 43, 1 Dixon Street, Sydney
|Price| $10.oo per burger

To celebrate their second birthday, N2 Extreme Gelato (N2) are doing *melt-in-your-mouth* birthday burgers these two weeks ONLY!

Located conveniently in the heart of the city at Number 1 Dixon Shopping Centre, N2 is famous for their liquid nitrogen gelato. Priding themselves to serve gelato at -6’C and coming up with intriguing and lovable flavours, this time they have done it again !


Line | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We arrived at N2 and there was already a massive line of people waiting at 1pm ! On the menu board, there were 2 specials to choose from Nutellagasm and Birthday Burger.

Menu | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We ordered the Nutellagasm since we loveee chocolate and lurveeed nutella !! Although there was a 20 minute wait for the burgers to be prepared, we were super keen to see how they make their burgers !

N2 had all their procedures in place so that the staff were each responsible for their own particular area.

How Nutellagasm is born:

  1. Remove baked charcoal buns from the kitchen –> pass onto nutella man
  2. Nutella Man: Spread nutella on both top and bottom buns and carefully sprinkle hazelnuts on the bottom nutella bun –> pass onto gelato man

    Nutella Man | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  3. Gelato Man: Place whipped nutella gelato (with pretzels) on the bottom bun to ensure that each little bit of the nutella gelato is spread evenly –> pass onto cream lady

    Nutella Gelato Mixing in Progress | N2 Extreme Gelato

    Gelato Man

    Gelato Man wrestling with the blender | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  4. Cream Lady : Sprinkle shortbread on the top bun, delicately place 5 dallops of cream on top of the nutella gelato and pop the top charcoal bun back on !
    Cream Lady

    Cream Lady adding shortbread | N2 Extreme Gelato |

    Cream Lady | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  5. Put the chocolate ganache syringe in for an extra dose of sweetness and Voila! the Nutellagasm *nom nom*

Nutellagasm | $10.oo | N2 Extreme Gelato |

It was so pretty, you wouldn’t know where to begin to destroy it. We first bit into the burger and the first bite of the nutella gelato was so smooth, it melted straight into my heart! The charcoal burger was soft and did not have a burnt smell or taste, instead it acts as a cushion (perhaps for people with sensitive teeth).

Of course the hard thing is ONCE YOU START, you really CAN’T STOP!!! With the second bite, the cream just started oozing out at the corner of our lips … mmm… it was IR-RE-SIS-TI-BLEEEE !!! Not only was the Nutellagasm super smooth, but you can also hear the crunchiness of the pretzels / hazelnuts / shortbread in the Nutellagasm. This burger was really a match made in heaven for me ** ahhh **  and as the name suggest, it really WAS the NUTELLAGASM !! *super SUPER yum YUM * !!!

Nutellagasm | $10.oo | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We really can’t wait to try the “Nuts in Yo Banana” at N2 this week !!! and I reckon this will be just as good as the Nutellagasm !

Tip: Make sure you eat it quickly as it melts fast like all N2 Gelatos xDD

(+) Perfect Snack / Dessert, Good as a Pick-me-up, Tastes so good, dedicated and delicate staff in food preparation

(-) Limited time only – the burgers need to stay !!!



Drumroll………. Overall rating 9.5 / 10 🙂

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Hurricane’s Express, Chatswood


|Date| Friday 06.06.14
|Time| 19.3o ~ 20.30
|Location| Shop 377-378 Westfield, 1 Anderson Street Chatswood
|Price| $20 ~ $30 pp

The second of the three newest dining in Westfield Chatswood – Hurricane’s Express is a hands-down crowd pleaser. Located on Anderson Street right next to the Hoyts entrance, you can smell the ribs while waiting at the traffic lights.

Restaurant Exterior | Hurricane’s Express |

Hurricane’s Express is unlike the one in the city where you have to queue up for a long time because , as the name suggest, it is EXPRESS and that’s what I love about it – you don’t need to wait too long for, well, anything!

This self serve restaurant’s concept is simple.

“You just take a menu, order at the bar, and we just take it to you.”

Menu | Hurricane’s Express |

Menu | Hurricane’s Express |

The Bar | Hurricane’s Express |

As this restaurant focused on speed / turnaround time for the food to come out, the customers will need to take napkins, cutlery, table water, cups, sauce, etc to their table. Hurricane’s Express also had hand sanitiser and a washing basin for hygiene too, a plus for us I reckon 🙂

We did exactly as we’re told and within 10 minutes (7 to be precise), we already received our order.

Table Tracker and Cutlery | Hurricane’s Express |

Food !!!


Hurricane’s Ribs, basted in the famous Original Hurricane’s basting, until caramelised.

Food #1 – 1/2 Rack of Lamb Ribs served with coleslaw

As everyone that’s been to Hurricane’s would know, you can’t go wrong with ribs when you’re at Hurricane’s, and at Chatswood, it’s not any different.

The lamb was juicy and it did not have the distinctive strong smell that’s normally associated with lamb. I also love it when barbequed food has that extra bit of black charcoal on the top (don’t worry I know not to eat too much because it is carcinogenic – cancer causing). The coleslaw was crisp and perfect to keep our tummy fresh – only wished we ordered more!

1/2 Rack of Lamb Ribs and Coleslaw |$ 25.oo | Hurricane’s Express |

Food #2 – 1/2 Rack of Pork Ribs served with Baked Potato, sour cream & chives

Only one word to describe it – HEAVENLY !!!

The sauce that they spread over the top, made the pork ribs extra succulent ! I love the curved ribs compared to the flat lamb ribs that they serve here. I must also point out – that they do ribs much better than the one in the city ! Can you smell the pork ribs waffling through your screen at the moment *breathe in* mmmmm

The baked potato sides were also nice and warm. I also like to put a little bit of sour cream every once in a while to cleanse my palette and tummy so I don’t get overwhelmed with the food.

Pork Ribs 1

1/2 Rack of Pork Ribs with Baked Potato, sour cream & chives | $ 29.95 | Hurricane’s Express

Pork Ribs 2

1/2 Rack of Pork Ribs served with Baked Potato, sour cream & chives | $29.95 | Hurricane’s Express


Hurricane’s burgers are made with the finest ingredients; lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickled cucumber and a brioche bun.

Food #3 – Premium Beef Burger with cheese & bacon, and monkey gland sauce

As soon as the burger came out, I knew this was it. It was a perfectly glossy and crisp looking sesame brioche bun and the burger had everything I wanted. I have a big love for burgers and this place does not disappoint. The monkey gland sauce (which is just a fancy name for the famous iconic sauce) was served on the side – I really RECOMMEND you get this sauce to spread on the inside of your brioche bun as the sauce made the burger extra juicy.

As for the burger – it was massive – you really had to hold down the two buns together to make sure you get every bit of it in your mouth. The bacon was crisp and the beef was tender and if you’re a burger fan, you must get your hands on this !

Premium Beef Burger ($11.9o), with Cheese & Bacon ($4.oo) and Monkey Gland sauce ($2.oo) | Hurricane’s Express |

Premium Beef Burger ($11.9o), with Cheese & Bacon ($4.oo) and Monkey Gland sauce ($2.oo) | Hurricane’s Express |


(+) Food, Speed, Accuracy, Presentation, Friendly & helpful staff, Self Serve, Burgers, Ribs, Pretty much everything

(-) No bibs for ribs

Tip: Spend the extra couple of dollars on the monkey gland sauce. You’ll love it for the burger 🙂



Drumroll………. Overall rating 9.5 / 10 🙂

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| Kingston & Co, Chatswood |


|Date| Saturday 24.o5.2o14
|Time| 12.3o ~ 13.30
|Location| Westfield – Level 3 , Anderson Street, Chatswood NSW 2067
|Price| $15.oo ~ $25.oo pp

Three of the newest dining in Westfield are now a hit in Chatswood – Din Tai Fung, Hurricane’s Express and Kingston & Co but first off in this post, let’s start off with Kingston & Co, located on Anderson Street right next to Nandos.

Kingston & Co has both indoors and outdoors seating depending on your liking. If you’re like us who likes:

  • the sun breeze whilst enjoying your brunch,
  • see the hustle and bustle of Chatswood
  • or just purely enjoy the outdoorsy feeling – we recommend outdoor seating too 🙂

Shop Front | Kingston & Co |

Outdoor Seating | Kingston & Co |

Greeted with a friendly waiter, he directed us to our seats and presented us with the menu for our brunch this weekend.

Kingston & Co has a good range of breakfast options available. The lunch menu also provides a list of burgers, pasta, risotto, salads, etc. and the last page contains a drinks menu with desserts available at the counter.

Breakfast Menu | Kingston & Co |

Lunch Menu | Kingston & Co |

Dessert & Drinks Menu | Kingston & Co |

Drink #1 – Small Hot Chocolate ($4.oo)

The hot chocolate art was beautifully poured but once you take the first sip, we realised that looks can be deceiving. The barista had our drink too hot, way above the optimal temperature. Two minutes later, we tried to take another sip but it was still too hot. On another note, the hot chocolate also wasn’t rich enough (since I’m a lover of all things sweet), so overall impressions of drinks = below average.

Hot Chocolate | $4.oo | Kingston & Co |

Food #1 – Kingston’s works burger – Tomato, cheese, bacon, hash brown, lettuce, relish & aioli

We decided to order a burger to try out as we’ve seen burger posters for Kingston & Co advertised around Westfield Chatswood.

The Kingston’s works burger – ordered from the breakfast menu – has all the essential ingredients in this burger. We ordered this without the chips since it was too early to have chips.

It was interesting to see that the hash brown presented itself in the burger as a patty instead of the traditional beef patty burger for breakfast. The meat component came from the bacon which was easy to chew and not too crispy. Although the burger wasn’t as juicy as we liked it to be, the tomato slices in the burger made up and also contributed to the sauce.


Kingston’s Work Burger | $11.oo | Kingston & Co |

Food #2 – House cured ocean trout – avocado, poached egg, black sesame puffed pastry, lemon jam

The house cured ocean trout was a beautifully plated brunch that I almost thought I was at a fine dining restaurant for an entree.

It was difficult to put my cutlery and start as we didn’t want to ruin the dish. We started off with the ocean trout however it did not spark up any fire with my tastebuds.

Both poached eggs were runny but would have been better if there was a slice of bread to accompany the plate instead of the puffed pastry as the puff pastry wasn’t too filling.


House Cured Ocean Trout | $19.oo | Kingston & Co |


House Cured Ocean Trout | $19.oo | Kingston & Co |

Also before we paid for the bill, we noticed a range of dessert available at the counter including brownies, tarts, muffins, etc. so if you’re wanting to visit Kingston & Co for a catchup with friends, try out their daily desserts special.


Desserts | Kingston & Co |

Overall the food presentation added some piggies points to this review however before we re-visit again, the food quality may need a slight improvement (purely based on our experience today).



Drumroll………. Overall rating 7 / 10 🙂

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