*Special* | N2 Extreme Gelato, Sydney |


|Date| o3.o8.2o14 ~ 14.o8.2o14 (approx. 2 weeks only)
|Time| 1.oo pm ~ 11.oo pm
|Location| N2 Extreme Gelato, Shop 43, 1 Dixon Street, Sydney
|Price| $10.oo per burger

To celebrate their second birthday, N2 Extreme Gelato (N2) are doing *melt-in-your-mouth* birthday burgers these two weeks ONLY!

Located conveniently in the heart of the city at Number 1 Dixon Shopping Centre, N2 is famous for their liquid nitrogen gelato. Priding themselves to serve gelato at -6’C and coming up with intriguing and lovable flavours, this time they have done it again !


Line | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We arrived at N2 and there was already a massive line of people waiting at 1pm ! On the menu board, there were 2 specials to choose from Nutellagasm and Birthday Burger.

Menu | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We ordered the Nutellagasm since we loveee chocolate and lurveeed nutella !! Although there was a 20 minute wait for the burgers to be prepared, we were super keen to see how they make their burgers !

N2 had all their procedures in place so that the staff were each responsible for their own particular area.

How Nutellagasm is born:

  1. Remove baked charcoal buns from the kitchen –> pass onto nutella man
  2. Nutella Man: Spread nutella on both top and bottom buns and carefully sprinkle hazelnuts on the bottom nutella bun –> pass onto gelato man

    Nutella Man | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  3. Gelato Man: Place whipped nutella gelato (with pretzels) on the bottom bun to ensure that each little bit of the nutella gelato is spread evenly –> pass onto cream lady

    Nutella Gelato Mixing in Progress | N2 Extreme Gelato

    Gelato Man

    Gelato Man wrestling with the blender | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  4. Cream Lady : Sprinkle shortbread on the top bun, delicately place 5 dallops of cream on top of the nutella gelato and pop the top charcoal bun back on !
    Cream Lady

    Cream Lady adding shortbread | N2 Extreme Gelato |

    Cream Lady | N2 Extreme Gelato |

  5. Put the chocolate ganache syringe in for an extra dose of sweetness and Voila! the Nutellagasm *nom nom*

Nutellagasm | $10.oo | N2 Extreme Gelato |

It was so pretty, you wouldn’t know where to begin to destroy it. We first bit into the burger and the first bite of the nutella gelato was so smooth, it melted straight into my heart! The charcoal burger was soft and did not have a burnt smell or taste, instead it acts as a cushion (perhaps for people with sensitive teeth).

Of course the hard thing is ONCE YOU START, you really CAN’T STOP!!! With the second bite, the cream just started oozing out at the corner of our lips … mmm… it was IR-RE-SIS-TI-BLEEEE !!! Not only was the Nutellagasm super smooth, but you can also hear the crunchiness of the pretzels / hazelnuts / shortbread in the Nutellagasm. This burger was really a match made in heaven for me ** ahhh **  and as the name suggest, it really WAS the NUTELLAGASM !! *super SUPER yum YUM * !!!

Nutellagasm | $10.oo | N2 Extreme Gelato |

We really can’t wait to try the “Nuts in Yo Banana” at N2 this week !!! and I reckon this will be just as good as the Nutellagasm !

Tip: Make sure you eat it quickly as it melts fast like all N2 Gelatos xDD

(+) Perfect Snack / Dessert, Good as a Pick-me-up, Tastes so good, dedicated and delicate staff in food preparation

(-) Limited time only – the burgers need to stay !!!



Drumroll………. Overall rating 9.5 / 10 🙂

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|The Lobby Bar & Lounge| Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea


|Date| Sunday o4.o5.2o14
|Time| 15.oo ~ 17.00
|Location| The Westin Sydney – 1 Martin Place, Sydney
|Price| $49.oo pp

If you are looking for the best high tea place in Sydney, then you can’t miss The Lobby Lounge presented elegantly inside the 5 star Westin Hotel. As you move from the bustling city of the CBD streets, you are welcomed by the serenity and friendliness of the 5 star hotel amenities and staff.

Westin | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |

From the moment you sit down to absorb the atmosphere and the menu, you are taken on a beautiful afternoon tea journey with the Mad Hatter. We had a hard time choosing between the three options and wondered if we should also have the “Drink Me!” Cocktail or the Queen of Hearts Champagne. After a few debates, we opted for the standard “A Mad Tea Party” option and boy, was it a mad TEA party.

The Menu | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |

The mad TEA party A wide range of Jing tea selection surely does not disappoint for a 5 star experience. Included in “A Mad Tea Party”, is the option to swap from a standard pot of tea to a premium if you decide to explore your taste buds with the bottomless cups of tea offer.

P ordered Whole Rosebuds which had the beautiful rose buds blossoming on top of your pot and the smell of the subtle rose flavour floating through even before you take your first sip. As she took her first sip, she described it as having a soft rose flavour which was not too overpowering and seemed to compliment the afternoon tea.

After the first pot, she decided to go for a complimentary upgrade to the premium Silver Needle. As the name suggests, Silver Needle did not expand and still stood long and tall like a needle even after a refill (or maybe two). The Silver Needle has a relaxing green tea flavour and also came with a small jar of honey should you wish to add that in.

As for me, I have a thing for green tea and the premium Jasmine Pearls seemed to have ticked all my boxes. If you are a fan of strong green tea, this will be the one to pick. The first sip had a decent jasmine taste which was perfect but as you pour out your second cup, the wholesome flavour of the jasmine tea shines through quite strongly.

Yarrabee Honey | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |


Jasmine Pearl tea | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |

Food !!

Just as we settle in on our tea, the friendly wait staff brings out two sets of afternoon tea right before our eyes. Separated into two layers, the sweets were on the top, while the savoury sits comfortably in the second tier.

Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |


Savoury #1 – Tweedledee & Tweedledum – Roasted Beef and Fresh Asparagus Roulade on Mini Laugen

Tweedlee & Tweedledum are two identical food items just like how they were in “Alice in Wonderland”. The combination of the sauce and minimalistic veggies on the bread made it less dry. The thickness of the roasted beef was also just right and fitted perfectly on the mini laugen bread.

Tweedledee & … | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |


… & Tweedledum | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |

Savoury #2 – Caterpillar – Cherry Bocconcini & Tomato on Fresh Green Salad Boat

The Caterpillar was a light and refreshing salad that included a separate plate of vinaigrette dressing to share between two people. The cherry bocconcini and tomatoes were all small mouthfuls which matched quite well in terms of shape and colour.

Caterpillar | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |

Savoury #3 – Alice in Wonderland – Alaskan crabmeat salad on double bread wrapped in cucumber

Alice in Wonderland was treated like a princess by pairing the soft bread with the delicate Alaskan crabmeat . The only critism: Not enough crabmeat ! It was too good, it was gone in a mouthful, maybe they could stack the crabmeat up a little higher 😛

Alice in Wonderland | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |


Sweet #1 – The Mad Hatter’s Hat – Rich Dark Chocolate Mud Cake encased in Chocolate Icing

Now comes the interested sweet section, the mad hatter’s hat. Without reading the description on the menu, you would not have guessed that it had rich dark chocolate mud cake inside. All you need to do is carefully take off the top of the lid and voila the chocolate mud cake is waiting for you. The Mad Hatter’s Hat was not as sweet or rich as we thought it’d be which was good because we tend to like food that are less sweet. The cake was also not too moist or bitter which made it quite pleasant to have.

Mad Hatter’s Hat |The Lobby Bar & Lounge|

oooo opened mad hatter’s hat full of yummy chocolate goodness

Opened – Mad Hatter’s Hat |The Lobby Bar & Lounge|

Sweet #2 – The White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch – Purple Macaroon with a Blueberry Cream Filling

This one was my personal favourite and I can still taste it in my mouth after a week 🙂 The blueberry cream filling tasted similar to taro and I love taro flavoured food. I loved the creaminess of the cream filling, it was absolutely beautiful.

The White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |

Sweet #3 – The Queen of Hearts – Layers of Raspberry Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Jelly

The final sweet selection consisted of various layers that worked well except for the 3D love heart on the top (in my opinion). The 3D love heart was too sour for my liking but you may have a different viewpoint. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think 🙂

The Queen of Hearts | The Lobby Bar & Lounge |

It also came with the scones and jam (which we forgot to take a photo of) but overall the dessert is good for those that generally don’t have a sweet tooth as these desserts are just right for our lovely taste buds.

The afternoon tea experience can be booked between 12pm to 6pm daily, giving you a plentiful two-hour time frame to enjoy your Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea journey.

Tip: Book early to make sure you can secure the date as it tends to book out quite quickly especially on the weekends. (We booked a month in advance)


Drumroll………. Overall rating 9.5 / 10 🙂

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